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life is beautiful because we die

imagine the best sunset you ever saw and then imagine that the sky always looked like that – it would cease to be beautiful, because it would be normal. beautiful things must, by definition, be rare – the universe existed for billions of years before we were born and will continue to exist for trillions of years after we die. like those rare desert plants that only blossom for one day every 150 years, the beauty of life lies in its brevity, and its rarity.

everlasting life would, were it possible, rob our lives of their beauty. so thank god that he doesn’t exist and that tomorrow we might die.


I am delighted to say that I have been given the enviable task of building a (WordPress) website for the fantastic progressive jazz band In Cahoots, lead by the inimitable guitarist and composer Phil Miller.

Its gonna take a week or two to put together as there is a plethora of fascinating material relating to the band who have their roots in the old Canterbury scene of the sixties and seventies and who’s line up has included some of the greatest jazz and progressive rock musicians going – including Lol Coxhill, Pip Pyle Fred Baker and Elton Dean.