This is just fantastic

My Own Private Universe

With grace and wonder beneath unsettled wings

she stands in the rain

and she sings

and she sings

and as she hears her own voice rising up in the air

she’s no longer questioning

what’s right

and what’s fair.

With power and poise and a new wanderlust

she feels her heart pounding as the past turns to dust

and she feels in her core some new dream of wonder;

it moves through her veins like the harsh midnight thunder

that pounds in the heavens sending an alarm to the change

and for once in her life

she is proud to be strange…

… A stranger that walks, always upon her own trail

and no longer has fear in that she might fail

She breathes in the night and lets it tickle her skin

and she allows for her lips to curl into a grin.

With passion and hunger and a…

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