Good morning

Good morning world. Good morning sun. Good morning cold. Good morning erection. Good morning teddy bear. Good morning kitchen. Good morning coffee. Good morning Hackney. Good morning garden. Good morning to everyone in Australia. Good morning to everyone in the States. Good morning to everyone in all those other countries. Good morning you.

13 responses

  1. the best part of waking up

    13.06.10 at 11.38

  2. deviantdiaries

    good morning…hope the erection got a good wake up call 🙂

    12.06.28 at 12.56

  3. TheOthers1

    Good morning! For some reason I started thinking about birdies chirping. Hm.

    12.02.24 at 13.57

    • yes – i should’ve thought of that – birds are sadly rare in london though

      12.02.24 at 15.51

  4. Anonymous

    there’s a queue like Starbucks nowadays Morning mew

    12.02.24 at 13.30

  5. snarkysnatch

    Good morning Kyle’s erection! Thinking of you….. as always.

    12.02.24 at 13.24

    • and its thinking of you

      12.02.24 at 13.26

  6. Gooood morning! Haha. The post reminds me of the theme song of American Dad. SO HAPPY! 😀

    Love it! 🙂

    12.02.24 at 12.53

  7. Lovely!

    12.02.24 at 12.29

  8. veronicahaunanifitzhugh

    good morning, dirty dennis. 🙂

    12.02.24 at 12.06

    • good morning you x

      12.02.24 at 12.19

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