Robert Gligorov
 was born in 1959 in Kriva Palanca, Macedonia.
He lives and works in Milan, Italy.

‘s work attempts to shock the viewer. Each piece tantalizes the imagination, awakening it from a state of lethargy. Confronting a society accustomed to sophisticated and extreme forms of visual communication, Gligorov amplifies the shock value of his work in order to compete with the deluge of images that cloud our visual field.

Human beings have speculated about the relationship between inspiration and insanity for centuries. Paty Duke

Paranoia, hope and fear
I reject your reality
Priviet! Russian art
Dreaming in a pragmatic way
Sweet meat
Talk to my hand 

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11 responses

  1. yeah i’d found it on your profile page – hang on, i’ll findya there

    12.02.24 at 22.08

  2. artfulhelix

    Grate re-blog! Hey I see you liked the Helix post today, what did you think of the rewrite? I hate to ask, but you know I value your input. I think you are grate writer, that is why I ask.

    12.02.24 at 20.59

    • thank you – i think you got it just right, all the facts that i would have wanted to know – its difficult to get the balance right with such things and i think you got it just right – also i think you are getting better and better at that stuff – its really good to see more than just a reblog as there is a lot of you in there too – makes for really interesting reading

      12.02.24 at 21.06

      • artfulhelix

        🙂 That’s awesome to hear 🙂 I have worked on it so hard my brain goes numb lol. But I agree I really like doing the artist of the day this way, its more me, and a lot less of others.
        O, thank you so much for that link all 4 or the graffiti artist I did this week came from there, and I found another good site

        that has some other good artist if you want to check it out.

        🙂 Thank you again, your awesome!

        12.02.24 at 21.13

        • ooh yeah! that’s wonderful – thank you – the amount of work you put in really shows – you should consider writing reviews – perhaps you could do one of a local gallery (I know new york is full of wonderful art spaces) and seeing if a local paper would run it, they generally like stuff like yours – i’d be happy to help 🙂

          12.02.24 at 21.23

          • artfulhelix

            You know I hadn’t considered it before. I thought about advertising my novel in my locale paper after donating some to the public library. But that is a fantastic idea. I just have to get a new car first. The other one has been “getting fixed” for about 6 months now, so we are finally going to just get a new one. But yeah I am so up for that, and definitely for working with you 🙂 I have bin told by so many (they out way the others that like me) that my writing sucks I was starting to get discouraged. TY 🙂

            12.02.24 at 21.38

            • i was horrified when you told me what some people said about your writing – its pure snobbery – these are the same kind of jerks that think that graffiti is just vandalism – in a way your writing is rather like good graffiti – remember, shakespeare couldn’t spell for toffee.

              i have banksy’s book – on the cover are the following words:

              “There is no way you’re going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover”
              ~ Metropolitan Police Spokesperson


              12.02.24 at 21.45

              • artfulhelix

                That’s rich! I love it. I know some are just because they are asses and haven’t gotten published, that’s why they are as mean as they are. But I keep getting that little voice in the back of my head that says “You are no good, give up, your dreams mean nothing and will amount to nothing”. Its a pain! But I kick her in the stomach and tell her to shut the heck up! I have been told by many I should be showing in galleries, my brush strokes are amazing. But I haven’t even tried because I can’t bring my self to believe I am that good. Hey have I given you my email, this discussion is taking up a lot of space in your comments, lol.

                12.02.24 at 21.53

                • that’s not a bad thing – where have you sent it too? i think i can find it on your profile anyway – or fartbook chat?

                  12.02.24 at 21.59

        • have you considered doing one on banksy? he is my favourite brit grafitti artist and quite a character

          12.02.24 at 21.25

          • artfulhelix

            I thought I had done a piece on him, but it terns out I didn’t. Good idea, I will check him out, probably do him tomorrow. 😉

            12.02.24 at 21.40

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