This just gets me so wet

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  1. geminisub

    I really enjoyed that, but fear I am sick as expected fatal ending!

    12.10.13 at 11.34

    • haha – see sometimes i can be nice – just thought it was beautiful – thanks

      12.10.13 at 12.20

    • geminisub

      It was beautiful and I am pleased it didn’t have a fatal ending πŸ™‚

      12.10.13 at 12.22

      • glad – can’t promise that for all my posts i’m afraid πŸ˜‰

        12.10.13 at 12.23

        • geminisub

          Well I don’t think i would follow you if that was the case. Variety is the spice of life ! πŸ™‚

          12.10.13 at 12.31

  2. angela

    such balance, strength and elegance… leaves me in awe!

    12.02.25 at 04.09

    • me too – thanks for commenting

      12.02.25 at 15.19

  3. Amazing video… I get the same feeling whenever I indulge in an afternoon of Parkour vids. Something about all that physical talent – of being able to achieve such a high level of bodily freedom – really does it for me.

    12.02.24 at 22.32

    • me too – i’m guessing you’ve seen this then? but just in case you ain’t its my all time fave and the music gets me hotter than a teaspoon in a bonfire – when i was young we took drugs to be cool, but kids now are so much smarter; although i imagine being these boys parents must be quite toughand i wonder whether they feel proud, or terrified – maybe both

      12.02.24 at 22.42

      • Yes, yes, yessssssss (sorry, got excited, damn). This is one of my favourite videos of all time. If only I’d discovered Parkour when I was younger! Ah, what times I might have had. πŸ˜›
        I imagine it’s about equally as terrifying as having your kids on drugs, but you would have more opportunities for being proud so that’s got to count for something.

        12.02.24 at 22.53

        • me too and i reckon parkour provides a better high too

          12.02.24 at 23.13

          • Looks to me like it would. I used to be big into kickboxing and I thought, ‘damn, I’m badass’ but these kids can do things with their bodies I could only dream of. The big building jumps are the best… it must feel a little like flying… it must feel amazing; completely freeing.

            12.02.24 at 23.17

            • here its a little longer than my usual flash fiction stuff but it will take no more than 20 minutes to read – love to know what you think

              12.02.24 at 23.25

              • excellent! How did I miss this one? Better get reading..

                12.02.24 at 23.26

            • i’d like to see you kickbox – you can beat me up anytime

              12.02.24 at 23.32

  4. You made me look…….That was amazing!!

    12.02.24 at 22.15

    • but it really does get me wet/stiff/hot but spiritually, it gets my soul hot, makes me realise what bizarre and beautiful apes we are – every time i see it i fall back in love with our silly, nonsensical species

      12.02.24 at 22.24

      • artfulhelix

        well said! I have to add, I like the song in the video to.

        12.02.25 at 15.07

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