I realise my stuff is just crude wank fantasy when I read beautiful, evocative stuff like this. Kudos.

My Own Private Universe

Abed; in darkness and in slumber;

I lay tangled in dreams…

dreams of life

dreams of death

dreams of rapture.

Through the inky blackness of night,

he silently steals…

to steal a moment

to steal an embrace

to steal a sigh and caress it into a groan.

I stir, but do not wake.

I inhale

I exhale

I moan.

I am stuck to the webs of illusion,

painted pretty by an unconscious mind.

Grinning wickedly with moistened lips,

he maps out a ravenous trail…

a trail of butterfly kisses

 a trail of prickling heat

a trail of building electricity.

With a serpentine tongue,

he entices and excites…

exciting the flesh

exciting the heartbeat

exciting the desire that has long been dormant.

I grope out, but find no purchase.

My body arches

it aches

it yearns.

He brushes in hues of pleasure

to awaken my appetite for passion.

With fingers far softer…

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