You have not let me cum for two and a half years although

you have had numerous partners in that time and made me watch many of them fuck you.

You watched a lot of them fuck me.

You mount me and sink onto me, groaning.

You ask me if I understand the price I must pay,
you know I do, and I nod meekly.

You rise and fall, filling yourself with me, your head back, your magnificent breasts bouncing, your passion rising, hot and wet.

You find my jugular with one hand and take the small, silver craft knife with the other, and as
you feel me start to cum,
you push it swiftly, expertly into my throat, thrilling at the sensation of steel against flesh and artery.

You push the palm of your hand onto the incision, filling my throat with my blood.

You feel another gush of my orgasm squirt hotly into you and
you start to cum yourself, riding me harder and deeper. I try to say “I love you” but all that comes from my mouth is a plume of thick red bubbles.

You watch me bleed.

You kiss me, and feel my orgasm begin to peak, and
you cum harder than you have ever known as my life begins to ebb.

You reach down behind and under you and squeeze my balls, disgust and delight fill
you as you feel first one and then the other burst like cherry tomatoes under a car.

You make sure my final seconds are seconds of agony as
you watch the fire go out behind my eyes.

You do not climb off me until my body has stopped twitching.

15 responses

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  2. That’s definitely a way to turn a guy on and off at the exact same time!

    12.02.29 at 18.26

    • thank you LM i wanted it to be a piece of sheer devotion, where life mattered less than love – it was for you, for women, for love to the end, eh?

      12.02.29 at 18.34

      • But now she has to find someone else to fulfil her needs, she lost both life and love

        12.02.29 at 19.15

        • it was a tragedy on both sides – an act of ultimate love that can never be followed or equalled – she will find no other – he lost his life and she, love

          12.02.29 at 20.36

          • like a modern day kinky romeo and juliet 🙂

            12.02.29 at 20.42

            • yes – like that – was i too mean on them?

              12.02.29 at 20.44

  3. I’m not sure if I’m turned on or terrified. I’ll get back to you on that one. But damn! Strong imagery – powerful – nice work.

    12.02.29 at 18.11

  4. TheOthers1

    Wow. Equal parts erotic and disturbing. Nice use of that prompt.

    12.02.29 at 12.17

    • Thanks, I disturb myself sometimes. My stuff seems to be getting darker. The only way I can get any feeling into my erotic stuff is if I refrain from sex, including masturbation. Maybe I should give in to tempation, go back to writing soppy romance and funnies. What do you think?

      12.02.29 at 12.26

      • TheOthers1

        Don’t change your style if that’s not comfortable for you. If this is where you feel the most comfortable creatively, don’t change that. No one said darker stuff was bad. I do enjoy the sappy piece every so often (and I write more than my fair share of it), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t want to read or experience the heavier things.

        12.02.29 at 12.44

        • Thanks, will take your advice – I really did disturb myself writing that, not because I imagined it but because it turned me on.

          12.02.29 at 17.42

          • TheOthers1

            Hm, well if it bothers you then perhaps you need to look into that. I’m turned on by some of the things that I write, but I don’t let it bother me too much. Writing is exciting in general and it’s very easy to become engrossed in what you’re putting on the page. It seems to grab as it’s written. I feel it when I’m writing a lot of time (and that’s whatever I’m writing and not just erotica). I imagine I’d have the same reaction writing this.

            12.02.29 at 17.57

            • it certainly provoke some interesting introspection. however, i decided i will continue down this avenue of dark adventure, just to see where it leads – the idea of a life where i didn’t explore these caverns of my soul would be a waste – i keep saying this, but thank you

              12.02.29 at 18.00

              • you must find what is inside, no matter where it leads, and be true to who you are…to grow to be more of who you are. it’s pretty simple and damned complicated at the same time, but to deny who you are in any way is to deny your partner the best of you. find the right lifemate and you’ll won’t be afraid of what you need, want, or who you are.

                13.06.10 at 12.29

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