as dark as it is beautiful

My Own Private Universe

Here lies the warrior of dreams

Rotting away in this casket

Forgotten now – all roads once paved

As the flesh slips away from the bone.

Here stands the carrier of lies

Whispering to the wayward masses

Enchanting them so with disease

That they can’t even see they’re alone.

Here weep the children of shame

Not once – but a thousand times shunned

Sleeping in hovels of dirt

Whilst living in an age of charity.

Here kneels a man of the cloth

Praying to a god that’s gone deaf

Lost up in a cloud of confusion

Preaching to his flock about clarity.

Here steps the daughter of virtue

So chaste and so pure and naïve

Struck down by the hands of obsession

She then slits her wrists by the sea.

Here be humanity’s cancer

– An eternal, devouring beast –

Hunger that goes beyond need

Cold destruction that fights to…

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