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  1. I don’t get twitter… and I don’t get the trending. It seems to me whenever I bother to even look at what’s being trended, it’s so vapid it kind of makes my brain hurt. I only went and opened a twitter account at the beginning of the month… and that was just so I could keep up with certain news feeds.

    12.02.29 at 18.07

    • not a twatter either, although it was very useful during the london riots last year: i was able to keep my mum informed as to how safe she was – she was right in the middle of it and all the busses were rerouted so i could’nt get to her – i was able to trace the riots thru twitter – although there was some glorious nonsense about london zoo being raided and tigers roaming the streets

      12.02.29 at 18.30

      • I’m a news junkie and I have some rather nerdy tendencies… I like to keep up on new science and tech breakthroughs/discoveries… I also like to keep up with whatever Anonymous is up to lately (sort of a weird, newer obsession) and a bunch of other odds and ends. But other that I haven’t really used my twitter.
        I can see how it would be useful to some though. At least when it’s accurate

        12.02.29 at 18.38

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