I have been nominated again for the Versatile blogger award by Robin, author of the fantastic My Own Private Universe blog.

I can’t find just seven blogs to nominate, I would have to miss out so many of your wonderful sites. However I would most definitely have nominated Robin’s site, I strongly recommend following her,and I would have nominated you too. Thank you Robin, your blog rocks.

I am not sure how versatile I am, I think I only write wank fantasies and daft jokes LOL.

Seven things.

  1. I haven’t had a drink for nearly five years, that shit was gonna kill me.
  2. I still have a crush on a girl that doesn’t know that, and she will read this too.
  3. I fall in love way, way, way too easily.
  4. I used to be a football hooligan.
  5. I play guitar really badly and really loudly and I love it.
  6. I have lost over 772 games of Tekken Tag Tournament to my best mate Karl and won only nine.
  7. I could read when I was three.
  8. I get turned on by women who are bullies but wouldn’t want to marry one.
  9. I clearly cannot count to seven very well.

8 responses

  1. Your writing makes up for your mathematic blunders.

    12.03.02 at 02.02

    • how nice of it to say, i appreciate it n times more than you can imagine

      12.03.02 at 02.09

  2. Gillian Colbert

    Again, you deserve it. I’ve been mining your archives and your blog is wonderful. I don’t play guitar, but I sing loudly, badly and love it.

    Best wishes!

    12.03.01 at 20.34

    • i’m glad to hear it – i do it entirely for self enjoyment and sometimes, for therapy

      i love your blog too

      you too sweeddee

      12.03.01 at 21.17

  3. You’re way too adorable. I’m so glad you came up with another *cough -seven-cough* bits about yourself. 😛

    12.03.01 at 19.53

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