Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for thinking of me and offering me “A rock hard massive love rocket, which pleasing your lady very much so”  in your recent email. It was such a kind offer and so thoughtful of you.

I am new to the internet but have made lots of friends already and have even won a lottery in a country that I have never even heard of.

Sadly at my time of life I have little need of a “massive love rocket” as you so genteelly put it and prefer a good book and a cup of cocoa to “all night pumping fuck action”, but you are sweet to think of me.

Please write again and do stay in touch.

Yours sincerely

Reginald Barnsley (Mr.)

4 responses

  1. Hahaha The funniest thing about this (to me) is that just this morning I was bragging to my sister and girlfriend about how I’m always getting offers to enhance my manhood and the like. Also, I found out this morning that Lindsey is apparently very lonely and searching for me. It’s good to be loved.

    12.03.01 at 19.56

    • i got one that said date 1000’s of pretty chinese girls – 1000s? i thought – that would be a really expensive date

      12.03.01 at 19.59

      • lol You gotta love your junk mail… sometimes it’s the best place to find a chuckle for the day.

        12.03.01 at 20.00

  2. Wow! How ridiculous. Apparently you give off that vibe.

    12.03.01 at 19.31

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