Dennis Bearkamp – an interview with a teddy bear

This is Dennis, he is my Teddy Bear and he is 18  and a half years old.

KM: Hi Dennis, thanks for doing this interview. You have become quite a star on the internet lately. Tell us, why are you called Dennis Bearkamp?

DB: Ah, well I was named after the Arsenal footballer Dennis Berkamp.

KM: And are you a football fan?

DB: I’ve never told you this before Kyle… but actually, I’m a Spurs fan.

KM: *through sobs* Ok… Tell your fans, what is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

DB: Well, I guess it must be that time when you rushed out naked into the hall brandishing a broom because you thought you were being burgled but it was just the drunk from up stairs falling down them.

KM: Yes that was funny *blushes*, and what was the worst?

DB: when you rented the flat out to D*** and S*****, they used to make me watch them have sex [true story].

KM: You should have told me that before, I’m sorry.

KM: What would you say the best thing about living with Kyle?

DB: He writes me songs and plays them on the guitar to me.

KM: And the worst?

DB: He writes me songs and plays them on the guitar to me.

KM: Is it true that I take you to bed with me sometimes?

DB: Are ‘often’ and ‘sometimes’ the same thing?

KM: Er, um, er, right. On that note I think we’ll leave it there. Er, thank you dennis.

DB: *giggles*

21 responses

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  2. Denis can’t be a Spur’s fan, can he!

    12.03.02 at 19.31

    • he was smart to keep it a bloody secret

      12.03.02 at 19.48

  3. Great, cute, funny and lovely post! 😉

    12.03.02 at 13.13

  4. This is adorable.

    12.03.02 at 02.05

    • thank you for saying that, i’m really not sure why though lol

      12.03.02 at 02.13

      • A bit of nostalgia. Everyone has that one thing they loved and will love forever from back in the day (:

        12.03.02 at 02.26

  5. TheOthers1

    That cracked me up. “Are ‘often’ and ‘sometimes’ the same thing?” I lol’d

    12.03.01 at 23.37

    • i’m glad you did – and btw, i’m a grown man and obviously i would never dream of taking a teddy bear to bed – its just that… well… he insists on it

      12.03.02 at 00.00

      • TheOthers1

        My dog insists on sleeping in the bed with me too. I understand. 🙂

        12.03.02 at 00.16

        • i totally get where he’s coming from

          12.03.02 at 10.37

  6. Vina Kent

    Very funny and entertaining!

    12.03.01 at 20.56

    • why, thank you

      12.03.01 at 21.17

  7. hahaha, love it.

    12.03.01 at 20.40

  8. Haha. I haven’t laughed this hard for a while now! Lovely post!! 😀

    12.03.01 at 20.22

    • thank you – it was a pleasure treasure

      12.03.01 at 20.23

  9. it makes a change from people dying in the middle of an orgasm i guess lol
    thanks loads you

    12.03.01 at 20.21

  10. Okay, this is officially my favourite post from you EVER! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

    12.03.01 at 20.19

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