A day in bed

You wake before me and run your hand gently down my sleeping form and find me erect, so you start to play with me, gently, slowly, stroking my morning glory up and down. You watch my face, smiling, wanting to drink in my expression when I wake and realise what you are doing.

I hover in that twilight that lies between sleep and consciousness for a moment and then my eyes spring open with realisation and I find you grinning naughtily at me. I kiss you and slip my hands between your legs, but you stop me. “No,” you say, “this one’s for you.” I kiss you again and lie back.
“Be quick though my love, I have to get to work.”
“I’m not going in today,” you smile, “phone in sick, let’s spend the day in bed.” You have my phone and you dial my office, hand it to me once it is ringing.
“Ok,” I agree, “stop for a tick, while I speak to my boss.” You do not. “Hello,” I say to reception, shooting you a look, “can you put me through to Ms Clarke please. You get faster and press yourself into me, letting me feel your heat. I’m put on hold. “Stop it!” I glare through a grin. You do not though and I start to cum the moment my boss answers the phone. I try to gesture to you who I am talking to but you carry on, expertly bringing me to climax. My voice comes out in a squeak, and you watch my face intently, and bite your lip to stop yourself laughing out loud. My excuse is punctuated by half repressed orgasmic moans and gasps, my spunk rushing through me and over me as you finish me off. My boss accepts my reasons, tells me to look after myself and that she can hear that I don’t sound quite right.

I hang up, you are roaring with laughter, I grab you and pin you to the bed in pretend fury at what you have just done.
“Get off!” you tell me, “Don’t! you’ll get it all over me!” I lower myself onto you.”Eeeeewwww!” you shreik in mock disgust. “Get off!” I rub myself over you and feel you wriggle delightfully under me and we wrestle playfully until we fall onto the floor, our sides hurting from the laughter.

The day is spent, in bed, making love and eating ice cream and drinking tea and making love and watching old movies and making love.

27 responses

  1. *sigh* So Jealous!

    12.03.06 at 03.28

  2. Such sweet rare days considering my company doesn’t do paid time off… Thumbs up mate.

    12.03.05 at 18.43

  3. This got me all hot and bothered! haha

    12.03.05 at 16.08

    • glad to hear it

      12.03.05 at 16.14

  4. TeeHee, I did this just the other week! Why are you in my mind, sir?!
    But honestly, I can see myself reading this blog every morning from now on.

    12.03.04 at 17.31

    • thank you – i love your blog too

      12.03.04 at 17.39

      • Thanks! I’ve just started blogging and am always terrified I’m dreadful. It’s great to hear feedback.

        12.03.04 at 17.43

  5. That sounds like a wonderful day.

    12.03.04 at 01.13

  6. Love this!

    12.03.03 at 23.39

  7. Gillian Colbert

    Sounds lovely

    12.03.03 at 22.34

    • we should try it sometime

      12.03.04 at 01.22

      • Gillian Colbert

        LOL .. you are an incorrigible flirt aren’t you.

        12.03.04 at 01.41

  8. Sounds like a damn perfect day!

    12.03.03 at 22.01

    • ta – if you can think of anything to add to – please let me know

      12.03.04 at 01.05

  9. I Remember Having MANY A MORNIN’ Like This.
    Funny Part…
    …Is You Miss Them More-So When Someone Lays One Out There That Sounds So So SO Exactly Like How Things Used To Be.
    But It’s NOT A Sad “Miss Them” Feeling.
    More Of A “Quietly Smile And Shake Thine Noggin With Deeper Feelings Of Happiness” Type Feeling.
    Thanks For The Morning Smile, Sir.

    12.03.03 at 13.09

    • I get you Brad – a kind of nostalgia more than a sadness.

      12.03.03 at 13.11

  10. I would love to spend every day like this

    12.03.03 at 13.05

    • then we have a date

      12.03.03 at 13.08

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