She makes me

She makes me feel powerful,
and she makes me feel weak.
She make me feel big,
but allows me to be small.

She makes me think deeply,
or think not a bit.
I think only of her
or nothing at all.

9 responses

  1. Very nice! Being in love can be so inspirational.

    12.03.07 at 04.57

    • thank you
      what makes you think i’m in love?

      12.03.07 at 10.23

      • Your not? Well then you are an excellent writer.

        12.03.07 at 15.15

        • maybe i am

          12.03.07 at 16.58

          • That’s why I am here.

            12.03.07 at 17.05

            • i meant maybe i’m in love
              but thank you

              12.03.07 at 17.06

  2. This is one of my favorites.

    12.03.07 at 04.30

    • thanks, i think you’d love the woman it was written for

      12.03.07 at 10.22

      • if it were me, i’d love the man who wrote it more

        13.06.10 at 13.08

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