Skypus Interruptus

The guy at Skype is bored, and there are still hours to go on his shift. He isn’t supposed to spy on the users, or record their conversations for his own amusement, he could get fired but he does, they all do. He scrolls though his collection of misshaped and deformed penises but he doesn’t find them as funny as he used to. He jerks off to his collection of great tits, but he is still bored and there are hours of his shift left to kill. He scours the conversations for some perverts or wierdos to laugh at. Finds one guy jerking off to a young woman squashing fruit with her feet and another guy seeing how many clothes pegs he can attach to his junk. It’s all quite funny but he is still bored.

Then it hits him: a whole new game he can play. He starts excitedly clicking through a few conversations until he finds what he is looking for: couples about to have cybersex. The first couple he choses are perfect, they were using their words to get each other off, rather than fuzzy video, something he finds rather classy in comparison. They are really into each other too, he can hear it in their voices, the way they connect.

Timing is crucial. He listens to their moans and gasps, impressed by the way they arouse each other with words alone. They are certain to come together, he can hear their synchronism. He waits, until the crucial moment, when they have reached that point of no return… and hits the disconnect button. Its the funniest thing he has done in ages and he spends the rest of the shift playing what he calls ‘vinegar stroke bandit’, and the hours fly by.

14 responses

  1. Haha brilliant! This has made me rather fancy a call now!

    12.03.08 at 14.08

  2. Oh my God. That is so mean….cyber interruptus…

    12.03.07 at 16.40

    • isn’t it just, i can’t imagine

      12.03.07 at 16.49

  3. Oh, too, too cruel. Can’t help loving it though.

    12.03.07 at 15.33

    • thanks – next time this happens to you, you’ll know why

      12.03.07 at 16.48

      • HA! It’s not like to happen to me anytime soon:P

        12.03.07 at 16.53

  4. Gillian Colbert

    So cruel ….

    12.03.07 at 14.45

    • yes, they are bastards at skype – we should all ask for our money back

      12.03.07 at 14.46

  5. I’ve always wondered if there is a “guy at Skype.” If I had that job I would do the very same.

    12.03.07 at 14.39

    • hahahaha yes me too

      12.03.07 at 14.40

    • you wouldn’t want it happening to you though, would you?

      12.03.07 at 16.49

  6. Hahahaha! If anyone EVER found out.. *shakes her head*

    12.03.07 at 14.37

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