a girl after my own heart

Alice Thierry

He said, “Send me a picture of you.”
So I did,
Several, revealing me completely
From every possible angle,
Every dark corner,
And not at all,
At the same time.

He said, “Dance for me.”
So I did. “I will be your obscene dancing puppet
At the sorry end of your cruel string.”
“I will gladly be nailed
To the very cross I bear.”
Under your heavy hand,
Your pounding, hammering
Sometimes known as love
And not at all
At the same time.

I said, “I’ll be your Digital Girlie,
Computer Whore…”
Although I worry
That the book
May be far better than the movie
As is often the case.

I am incredibly aroused by good writers,
Even poor writers will do
So long as their libido
Can carry me where their vocabulary can’t go.

Your absence hurts much less
Than your silence.
The same difference,
And not at all,

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