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My Own Private Universe

WARNING: The following story may be offensive to some readers.

(Part 1/3)

“Oh, but I know you’re the one… I know you’ll appreciate the lessons.”


That furtive scurrying again.

As she was drawn back into the cage of her flesh, she drew in a breath and held it to better listen to the gloom. Whether rats or the Reaper himself, they fell silent… but footsteps approached.

The air went out of her in a rush and her heart began to hammer erratically in her chest. Habit found her straining against her bindings – though time had already proven such endeavours useless – and a fresh flow of tears leaked unbidden from her eyes.

As the door swung slowly open she fought to control her panic and lay perfectly still. He seemed to grow bored with her so much sooner if she didn’t fight or scream or cry…

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  1. randalldeanscott

    I have nominated you for the TMI award. Please visit to receive it now. Enjoying your work. Please keep sharing.

    12.03.11 at 23.34

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