My Own Private Universe

WARNING: The following story may be offensive to some readers.

(Part 1/3)

(Part 2/3)

Afterwards, when he’d invited her to walk with him along the beach, it had seemed like such a perfectly romantic notion that it never even occurred to her that he might not be all that he appeared to be… 


His animalistic grunts were interrupted by the ringing of a bell. He growled and rolled off her, leaving her sprawled across the table, pausing only briefly – almost as an afterthought – to strike her solidly in the right temple with the balled hammer of his fist. Dazed – but driven back into the moment by the blow – she lay where he’d left her as he rushed from the room.

She could hear hushed voices; his sounded a little anxious; but couldn’t make out the age or gender of the visitor…

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