The best thing about being a man

The best thing about being a man, in my mind at least, is having a dick. They are such fun things to have. Not only is it like having your favourite toy with you all the time but dicks can be time savers too. Often, when I am feeling lazy, or just plain stupid, my dick can take over from my brain, and make decisions for me,  giving my brain a much needed rest. My dick may not be as smart as my brain but he is always optimistic and rarely dwells on questions such as “Is it right?” or “Will I get found out?”

The worst thing about being a man, in my mind at least, is having a dick.

29 responses

  1. I always wished I had a dick… But I think that my hands would always be down my pants… Love it, Kyle…

    12.03.23 at 02.56

  2. *GRINS*I feel the same way about my fingers…

    12.03.22 at 20.44

    • *grins right back* you must get to do some very interesting things with your fingers

      12.03.22 at 21.36

  3. It really is totally cool. I love mine, as have others. 🙂

    12.03.22 at 16.01

    • 🙂

      12.03.22 at 16.36

      • I’m loving mine as we speak! haha

        12.03.22 at 16.55

        • aw how sweet – so we are doing it together, in a way?

          12.03.22 at 17.02

          • Anytime, doesn’t take much, and again it’s the LOVE thing bud! heh

            12.03.22 at 18.15

            • LOVE you buddy, LOVE you right in your face x

              12.03.22 at 18.21

  4. Lol you just hammered the final nail in the coffin and confirmed what we gals always knew. 😉

    You guys are so lucky your brains get rest… 😛

    12.03.22 at 08.26

    • but our dicks never do

      12.03.22 at 10.03

  5. Ha! Great post! And I’m so glad dicks get along will with those of us who don’t have one.
    : )

    12.03.22 at 00.42

    • dicks are like jolly little puppies, they love everyone

      12.03.22 at 00.49

      • Don’t they though! Just love them for that… and for other reasons.

        12.03.22 at 00.58

  6. hehe this is incredibly brilliant! My cheeks hurt from grinning today, lol this didn’t help.

    12.03.21 at 21.38

    • i live to make you grin ‘bin

      12.03.21 at 21.54

      • HAHA no one’s called me that in a long ass time.

        12.03.21 at 22.27

  7. TheOthers1

    Interesting. Best and worst thing. I’d think it would get in the way if I had one. I’m kinda glad I don’t actually. Hm.

    12.03.21 at 20.43

  8. From the mind of all men! I thought you guy used it to think! HaHa

    12.03.21 at 19.48

    • i think you’ll find the two are interchangeable

      12.03.21 at 20.53

  9. I’m really glad not to have one. I think it would get in my way. Fun to play with someone else’s though.

    12.03.21 at 18.07

    • i’m glad you don’t too. it does. it is.

      12.03.21 at 18.12

  10. Agreed.
    The Ole Double-Edged-Sword, Situation.
    Often In Life…
    …We Are Forced To Realize…
    …That What We Think Is THE BEST…
    …Can Also Easily Be THE WORST.
    BUT, It Does Add Variety AND Spice To The Rigors Of Day-To-Day Life!

    12.03.21 at 16.38

    • quite so brad – thank you for your insightful comment

      12.03.21 at 16.40

  11. This just made my mid-morning blah, haha!

    12.03.21 at 16.16

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