funny, clever and true

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  1. thanks for that – great perspective. I usually love anything of that genre but it is getting exactly like its described. Loved her perspective.

    12.03.24 at 18.00

  2. Grrr… I really want to read this one but for some weirdass reason my computer always refuses to open La La’s page!!!

    12.03.23 at 17.50

    • how weird – shame, it rocks

      12.03.23 at 17.57

      • I just went in and messed with trend micro… it picks things now and then it tries to lock me out of and sometimes i’m just too lazy to deal with it, lol.

        12.03.23 at 17.59

        • messed with your trend micro? is this some weird canadian euphemism?

          12.03.23 at 18.02

          • LMAO naw, sorry, nothing so exciting as all that. Just had to slap my firewall around a little bit to remind it who’s boss.

            12.03.23 at 18.03

  3. thanks 😉

    12.03.23 at 13.27

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