Ten things

Every day I write a list
Of 10 useful things I want to do.
If, at the end of the day,
I have not achieved them all,
I throw the list away
And write another list
Of 10 useless things I did that day.

8 responses

  1. Either way, after a year, you’ll have over 3000 accomplishments

    12.03.26 at 00.13

    • what wonderful math! thank you so much, you have sent me to bed with a big smile

      12.03.26 at 00.14

  2. Sometimes I think in the time I use writing lists I could maybe get at least one thing done. I do love to write lists though….

    Gros bisous,

    12.03.25 at 19.29

    • i like to add things that i’ve already done, or things i was always going to – lists are what separates us from the other animals.

      baisers doux


      12.03.25 at 19.42

  3. That’s Actually Pretty Smart, Dude.
    I’m A List-Makin’ Type Of Cat, Myself.
    I Used To Do Everything In Lists Of 5 or 10.
    Now, I Tend To Make Them Lists Of 6 or 12.
    I Know, Right!
    But It’s A System That WORKS For ME.
    That’s The Whole Point…
    …Or So I Keep Tellin’ Myself 😉

    12.03.25 at 18.55

    • you and i are very similar brad – nice one 🙂

      12.03.25 at 19.49

  4. I like this 🙂
    I have a to do list.. For every 10 things I add on, I sometimes manage to cross one off!

    12.03.25 at 18.50

    • add things you’ve already done and then cross them off – its what i do 🙂

      12.03.25 at 18.52

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