Come on you reds!

The crowd roar and sway as one, a sea of bodies. “Come on you reds!” we sing together as we all surge forward, booing and whistling angrily, as Spurs are awarded a dubious penalty. “The-ref-er-ee’s-a-wanker!” we scream together. “Same old Tottenham, always cheating!” our army of  pointed fingers chant angrily.

We roar and jump in shared joy, in an almost telepathic unison as they miss.

You stand in front of me, my arms around you, the crowd pressing in against us from all sides, lovingly crushing us. You lean back and whisper, “Make me come.”
“Make me come.”
“What here?”
“No, on the fucking pitch, you dickhead. Yes, of course, here.”
“Yes now.”

I slip my hand inside your coat and down inside your skirt and panties, feeling your warm dark glow, and I start to caress you with the tip of my middle finger. You are soon wet and hot and you lean back into me, feeling me stiff and pressing into the cheeks of your butt. You rock slightly rubbing against me and I rub a little harder and faster and run my fingers down  your glorious soft pussy, pushing two fingers up into your dripping redness, the chanting of the oblivious crowd drowning out your moans of pleasure.

As you start to come, we score and the crowd erupts, echoing the explosion of your orgasm. “Yes!” you scream, as the ball hits the back of the net, “Fucking Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck Yes! Oh my fucking God, that’s good!” The guy next to you smiles at your enthusiasm.
“Bloody good goal, eh?” he grins.
“Fucking hot too!” you tell him. He looks a little puzzled at this, but smiles back, and we all join in with a chorus of “Come on you reds.”

We win five – nil and go home happy and satisfied.

11 responses

  1. reminds me of fireworks in november…

    13.06.10 at 14.31

  2. Hahahaha. I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH! 😛

    12.04.05 at 20.30

  3. Mars

    Hah! What an exciting and naughty story… 😉

    12.04.04 at 09.58

    • thank you very much

      12.04.04 at 11.23

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I almost thought for a moment you were putting ink to a memory…
    this came off very well, and saved by the yell


    12.04.04 at 04.18

    • saved by the yell – i love it – thanks

      12.04.04 at 11.24

  5. TheOthers1

    I echo her excitement. Yes, indeed.

    12.04.03 at 20.52

    • i like it that this reached you

      12.04.03 at 22.11

  6. Oh I love this… something about those stolen – public – moments!!
    Damn it, do you know how hard it is to read while I’m still trying to rhyme something with cunnilingus??? It’s a definate complication 😛

    12.04.03 at 20.14

  7. Very naughty 😉

    12.04.03 at 17.39

    • i’m glad you think so 😉

      12.04.03 at 19.00

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