i am not the boy my mother wanted me to be.
i was the boy your mother told you not to play with.
i grew myself up, and i made me, me
and on the way i fucked up royally.

i watched my friends get brought up properly.
i saw them educated every day.
i though was left all alone and free,
but i’m glad that i got to make me, me.

34 responses

  1. I’m glad you got to make you – you too!

    12.04.23 at 16.01

    • aw, thanks hon

      12.04.23 at 16.01

  2. My Kyle, always making me smile, you are exactly how you are supposed to be!

    Big Texas Kiss,

    12.04.21 at 14.52

    • oh, dawn. you are too sweet. i hope i am, it took a bloody age to figure that shit out though.

      big californian cuddle,

      12.04.21 at 16.10

  3. Love this …

    12.04.21 at 14.07

    • love you – thank you

      12.04.21 at 14.08

  4. SweetP

    Isn’t it great to look back and be happy to see who you are!

    12.04.21 at 13.02

    • it is now, but it was a long bloody journey – thanks πŸ™‚

      12.04.21 at 13.03

  5. This is really touching and a bit emotional too, you did a great job making “me”

    12.04.21 at 08.16

    • thanks. maybe πŸ™‚

      12.04.21 at 10.41

  6. Gillian Colbert

    I’m glad you made you, you too

    12.04.21 at 02.06

    • so am i gillian, if only to have met you

      12.04.21 at 23.36

      • Gillian Colbert

        awwww ..*blushes*

        12.04.22 at 00.53

  7. Very cute πŸ˜‰

    12.04.21 at 01.29

  8. I think you did an excellent job creating you, you β™₯

    12.04.21 at 00.29

    • thanks – people today would say i was neglected, but if that’s the case, i’m glad i was. i felt sorry for my mates, whose parents wanted to bring them up well.
      i, should, have, at, least, turned, up, at, school, for, the, lesson, on, how, to, use, commas, tho,

      12.04.21 at 00.35

  9. I agree with Brad. We don’t want you any other way!

    12.04.21 at 00.12

    • maybe with a bigger cock?
      thank you x

      12.04.21 at 00.15

      • Hahaha! Well, I’ve got a boyfriend with a big cock, so… Besides, it’s not the size that counts. It’s what you do with it damnit!

        12.04.21 at 00.18

      • PAZ

        We’ve already discussed that. But maybe harder than a rock?


        12.04.21 at 01.46

  10. You are very wise to behold that thought. πŸ˜€

    12.04.20 at 23.58

    • i would never go as far as to call it wisdom
      less stupid than i used to be, maybe?

      12.04.21 at 00.00

  11. And WE Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way, Sir πŸ™‚
    So You Did JUST FINE!

    12.04.20 at 23.52

    • haha – maybe – just

      12.04.20 at 23.53

  12. gypsy116


    12.04.20 at 23.47

    • aw

      12.04.20 at 23.53

      • gypsy116

        Im too tired to think of real word, just wanted to let you know this made me smile πŸ™‚

        12.04.20 at 23.56

        • that’s real enough – thank you πŸ˜€ too

          12.04.20 at 23.57

          • gypsy116

            Welcome πŸ™‚

            12.04.20 at 23.58

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