i am so sentence right now,
that i can’t even string a stoned together.
i am so high today,
that sense makes any nothing at all.
i do worry sometimes,
that i might have brained my damage.
but who fucks a give
as long as i’m having a ball?

12 responses

  1. PAZ

    I miss weed. *le little mouse sigh*

    12.05.15 at 03.58

  2. I think I love you and your wicked sense of humor right now.

    12.04.22 at 04.09

    • why, that’s sooo sweet of you

      12.04.22 at 09.56

  3. Totally got me there. I was like… what the heck 🙂

    12.04.22 at 00.55

  4. careful, don’t go too far 😉

    Chasing the dragon is only fun for so long, sometimes you should let it chase you, hehe.

    12.04.21 at 22.32

    • actually my friend, it was just a poem. if i was really that wasted, i doubt very much if i could have even got it down on paper lol

      12.04.21 at 23.20

      • i was gonna say, for being that stoned, you got it across very well, hehe.

        12.04.21 at 23.22

        • haha – thanks – and i even made it rhyme, well sorta
          compliments for your thanks

          12.04.21 at 23.24

          • no prob, caught my eye, hehe (old days and that, you know how it goes 😉 )

            12.04.21 at 23.25

            • yeah, you gotta write what ya know 😉

              12.04.21 at 23.31

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