I would rather

I would rather have
A single kiss
From her lips,
Than kiss
All the girls
In the whole world.

I would rather get
To see her smile
Just the once,
Than own
Every work
Of art there is.

I would rather take
Her on a date
For just one
Than date
All the girls
In the whole world.

20 responses

  1. So sweet Kyle. I love that you can write porn and that you can write sweet words like this. You’re versatile. You have heart like any man does. And you have a dick like every man does. You just know how to use both….

    12.05.10 at 18.36

    • if that ain’t the nicest thing anyone ever said to me, i don’t know what is
      thank you very much

      12.05.10 at 18.37

      • It just fell out of my head. I’m glad you liked it….

        12.05.10 at 18.39

  2. When you can write poetry such as this, I don’t get why you continue to write porn… you write very well, but not always to my taste, as I gave up reading porn many years ago… I have no problem with what you write, it just seems that you are a bit obsessive about it… and with a woman like the one who inspired this poem, you really don’t need it… But, as I said, you write it well, so that is something…. It may console you a bit to know that I don’t much like Shakespeare, either… 🙂 Great poem, and take care to treat her well, my friend, she sounds like a keeper….

    12.05.09 at 17.20

    • thank you kind sir – truth is, the naughty stories (or clit lit, as i prefer to call them) get more hits.

      and you bet, she sure is

      thanks my friend

      12.05.09 at 18.33

  3. You are hard hit Kyle. Nothing like being hard hit by love 🙂

    12.05.09 at 01.07

  4. eroticexploration

    Too lovely… she’s a lucky girl!

    12.05.08 at 21.36

  5. SweetP

    Ok, you got all the girls swooning! How lovely! Hope you save enough pennies real soon!

    12.05.08 at 15.40

    • thank you sweet – i hope so too

      12.05.08 at 15.45

  6. you love her…………..xo

    12.05.08 at 01.14

  7. Such a romantic Kyle : )

    12.05.08 at 00.25

    • i guess i am – thank you isabella

      12.05.08 at 00.33

  8. buy a plane ticket!!!

    12.05.07 at 23.31

  9. Very sweet, Kyle ❤

    12.05.07 at 23.05

    • as is the girl it was written for
      thank you

      12.05.07 at 23.06

  10. Awwww!

    12.05.07 at 23.02

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