Anytime you need me baby,
Night or day.
Know that I am here for you,

Anything you want my love,
Anything you say,
Know that I will bring it to you

Anywhen you want me sugar,
Especially today.
Know how much I love you petal,

17 responses

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  2. how sweet ur K~love love~

    12.05.13 at 14.26

  3. M’y Kyle….i know there is nothing unique about this fact since everyone else does too…but I love you!

    M’y internet is down so I have to tell ya this at thé library.

    Bisous in your ear,

    12.05.12 at 16.37

    • Miss Dawn… thank you… know that you are unique
      kisses on your hand

      12.05.12 at 18.21

  4. When the hells anyone gonna say this to me!?? This is so sweet — awre!

    12.05.12 at 00.48

    • he’s out there and getting closer every day – when you find him, you will both know

      12.05.12 at 01.17

  5. ((((swoon)))

    12.05.11 at 19.33

    • awww

      12.05.11 at 19.34

      • sorry, I’m missing a ) on the right side of that “n”. it’s ruining my sense of symmetry.

        12.05.11 at 19.36

  6. Aww….this is so sweet 😉

    12.05.11 at 17.42

    • thanks for saying

      12.05.11 at 19.24

  7. “petal” is such a sweet word Kyle. It melted me.

    12.05.11 at 16.48

    • thanks jayne – its a perfect word for her

      12.05.11 at 16.50

  8. eroticexploration

    You’re terribly sweet Kyle 🙂 I love the firm emphasis on the last ‘Okay!’

    12.05.11 at 15.03

    • thank you – glad you spotted that “!” *big smile*
      i was gonna end it with “YAY!” haha

      12.05.11 at 15.07

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