Pickle, anyone?

Why does this picture make me want to go and make a sandwich?

27 responses

  1. randalldeanscott

    Extra mayo please…

    12.05.14 at 18.36

    • you want fries with that sir?

      12.05.14 at 18.37

      • randalldeanscott

        But of course! 😀

        12.05.14 at 19.49

  2. Had to go for the easy money, didn’t you? Myself, I immediately had an urge for a parfait… 😉

    12.05.13 at 21.57

    • i know where you are coming from dude, but i am a jobbing writer. writing is how i put food on my table and, as a result, i have lost all pride in my craft

      12.05.13 at 22.08

      • lol… Well, as long as it is profitable, you can always claim the end justifies the means, eh? 🙂 And, that explains the porn… it’s a big market out there online, isn’t it?…. I can see why it would become habitual… fairly simple way to bring in the gelt…. Not implying anything, just an observation as to its relative value as a commodity….which is arguably a large value…

        12.05.13 at 22.14

        • i agree with your sentiments mate – but i earn a living by writing. there is little room for sentiment or morality in such a business – love your work and hope that you keep it up – in the meantime, i have to earn a crust

          12.05.13 at 22.17

          • I appreciate your comments on my work, and hope you know I wasn’t criticizing or moralizing…. I admire your being able to make a living at writing, as I can’t bring myself to do what it takes to sell what I’m putting out… But, there is little urgency for me to do so, whereas for you, it is, as you say, your bread and butter… I enjoy what you write, especially the competence you display in using the language correctly, yet with style… Anywho, you keep up the good work, too, mate, and Blessed Be….

            12.05.13 at 22.44

            • thank you my friend – and i have to admit that one of the main reasons i write clit lit is that i do so like to get women i have never met wet – thank you for noticing how i love to use english correctly, i am a lover of my language, and it is very nice to hear such a competent author as yourself say so. i shall go to bed happy now. thank you gigoid x

              12.05.13 at 22.50

  3. More like a Club sandwich…
    Andy O

    12.05.11 at 20.02

    • nice – i like an open sandwich myself

      12.05.11 at 20.02

      • Cheers for your reply Kyle, love your stuff..

        12.05.12 at 18.59

  4. I just ate a sandwich… with pickles. I think I understand now.

    12.05.11 at 17.04

    • its the only way anyone can ever understand anette

      12.05.11 at 17.05

  5. LOL !!

    12.05.11 at 10.55

  6. Rob

    Food didn’t spring to my mind, eating yes but not food. 😉

    12.05.11 at 10.03

  7. eroticexploration

    Funny 🙂

    12.05.11 at 09.52

  8. It does make me hungry…but not for any ol’ sandwich. I reblogged this on my sight…*biting lip* I hope I did it right. : p

    12.05.11 at 03.31

    • you did, and thank you, i am deeply flattered

      12.05.11 at 06.56

  9. Reblogged this on AmazingLucidity and commented:
    To one of my favorite fellow bloggers…you frequently have given me loads of inspiration. And today I’m going to post what I hunger for….

    12.05.11 at 03.30

  10. lol!!

    12.05.11 at 01.07

  11. hahaha

    12.05.11 at 00.24

    • you laugh, but i’d give them all up for you.
      well, two of them maybe?

      12.05.11 at 00.26

      • Still I laugh 😉

        12.05.11 at 01.24

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