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the wonderful paula acton decided, after reading my last post, to share this – i’m so glad you did paula, i feel honoured.

Paula Acton

I wrote this poem a while ago, and I really didn’t think I would ever share it other than on the occasion it was written for.  It is so personal to me even now I am writing this procrasting if I really want to share it, but I after Kyles moving post on his blog today I think if I don’t do it now I never will.  I guess so far everyone who has left comments has been really positive so I will entrust it to you and hide under the bed for a while until I know its safe to come out.


Silent as a snowflake,
A moment out of time,
A whisper on the wind
So quietly you left

An empty space surrounds,
The weight of absence heavy
No hand left to hold
So silently you left

The struggle was to much
For one so small to…

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