Stronger than steel

why must the universe
be so crazy,
why is the world so cruel,
my titanium lady?

why is life so hard
so barmy,
so tough,
my one woman army?

how i wish
i could send more than words,
how i wish i
could end your hurt.

you are stronger than steel,
shinier than gold,
brighter than the sun,
my titanium lady.

18 responses

  1. But it is… isn’t it?

    12.05.19 at 02.17

  2. Oh silly me — I thought this’d be about cock!

    12.05.17 at 03.32

  3. This is good. “Titanium Lady” … says so much, about her and about you.

    12.05.16 at 17.23

    • thanks jenni – i’m a lucky fella 🙂

      12.05.16 at 17.37

  4. Will you marry me?!

    12.05.16 at 17.18

    • i’d love to jayne, but my girlfriend would be furious

      12.05.16 at 17.21

      • well, bigamy is still against the law here so… damn bad timing !

        12.05.16 at 17.25

        • i believe there are parts of wales where bigamy is still perfectly acceptable

          12.05.16 at 21.43

          • well then…one question – Do the men wear kilts? That’ll be the decision maker for us because with my traveling the globe to visit my husband in Wales, there will be no time for zippers and shit!! haha

            12.05.16 at 22.03

  5. wow!stronger than steel~strong words~strong feelings~strong love~
    strong h ~love~

    12.05.16 at 15.30

    • strong woman

      12.05.16 at 15.32

  6. I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose– fire away, fire away.

    12.05.16 at 14.42

  7. Beautiful My Kyle.

    12.05.16 at 14.32

    • thank you dawn

      12.05.16 at 14.56

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