Carnal apple

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  1. eroticexploration

    Ah I love Neruda… and love this poem! One of my favourites of his is:

    So That You Will Hear Me (Pablo Neruda)

    So that you will hear me
    my words
    sometimes grow thin
    as the tracks of the gulls on the beaches.

    Necklace, drunken bell
    for you hands smooth as grapes.

    And I watch my words from a long way off.
    They are more yours than mine.
    They climb on my old suffering like ivy.

    It climbs the same way on damp walls.
    You are to blame for this cruel sport.
    You are fleeing from my dark lair.
    You fill everything, you fill everything.

    Before you they peopled the solitude that you occupy,
    and they are more used to my sadness than you are.

    Now I want them to say what I want to say to you
    to make you hear as I want you to hear me.

    The wind of anguish still hauls on them as usual.
    Sometimes hurricanes of dreams knock them over.
    You listen to other voices in my painful voice.

    Lament of old mouths, blood of old supplications.
    Love me, companion. Don’t forsake me. Follow me.
    Follow me, companion, on this wave of anguish.

    But my words become stained with your love.
    You occupy everything, you occupy everything.

    I am making them into an endless necklace
    For your white hands, smooth as grapes.

    12.06.13 at 15.03

    • i didn’t know that one – thank you, its beautiful

      12.06.13 at 16.05

  2. He is in my top ten. One hundred love sonnets is one of my all-time favorite love poem anthology. All the sonnets are amazing! I love the typing…it get me all happy inside. I do so miss my old crappy typewriter.

    12.05.25 at 12.02

    • i only discovered him recently – he’s great isn’t he? and i only found that font yesterday – thanks chrissy

      12.05.25 at 12.04

  3. This is fab!

    12.05.24 at 19.08

    • i love it – thanks

      12.05.24 at 21.44

  4. Oooh…I love this!

    12.05.24 at 15.58

  5. Gillian Colbert

    Neruda is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

    12.05.24 at 15.22

  6. hurtorheal

    Congratulations you have been nominated for the beautiful blogger award.

    12.05.24 at 13.32

    • thank you very much

      12.05.24 at 13.37

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