so, we got x for a kiss
and o for a hug
but what about the other letters?
so maybe z
that i’m sleepy
but q and l
and e?
let me send you an s
i wanna k your c
and f your v
and wtf does p mean?

20 responses

  1. prick?

    12.05.25 at 13.46

    • that’s gotta be my favourite!

      12.05.25 at 13.46

      • It’s pretty obvious. L should be Lizbet.

        12.05.25 at 14.17

        • maybe yeah – she is back in denmark now

          12.05.25 at 14.21

          • You messed up the churches allright šŸ˜‰ most wouldn’t notice, they are all the same. Bet Lizbet had a great time. Is she gonna give you a guided tour in dk?

            12.05.25 at 14.38

            • she already did – i went to odense for a week – this was a few years a go tho

              12.05.25 at 14.41

              • Odense… my oh my of all places… did you see the wankers house?

                12.05.25 at 14.52

                • no i don’t think so

                  12.05.25 at 15.08

                  • H.C. Andersens house is somewhat the equivalent of …. erh… erh… well some sort of touristic attraction in London. HCA is, according to some historians, history’s most famous writing wanker. But, of course, that’s before you came around šŸ˜‰

                    12.05.25 at 15.24

                    • he sounds like a master bator

                      12.05.25 at 15.45

                    • šŸ˜‰

                      12.05.25 at 15.54

  2. PAZ

    You’ll never know! Actually, it’s a tongue, see: P

    12.05.25 at 07.42

  3. Gillian Colbert

    LOL … love it!

    12.05.24 at 15.23

  4. SweetP

    My name!! šŸ™‚ Or rather it’s what my family and very close friends will use to call me! šŸ™‚

    12.05.24 at 12.38

  5. pinch, pucker, or play.
    or maybe it’s porn.
    or pork.
    or poo.
    no, not poo.
    oh, of course, p is for penis.
    silly me.

    12.05.24 at 10.44

    • yes, of course – silly me

      12.05.24 at 10.46

  6. TheOthers1


    12.05.24 at 10.36

    • haha of course

      12.05.24 at 10.37

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