we’re gonna have to close it down.


planet earth – it makes sense – the place is just not viable any more.


yeah – if earth were a business, it would be in liquidation right now – everyone is in debt, the environment’s a mess, there are too many people, not enough resources – its a loss making planet.

but close it down?

sure. armageddon makes good economic sense – debt would be wiped out, unemployment would become a thing of the past, manchester would look better – we have the nukes – do the math.

13 responses

  1. Sounds practical, won’t happen though haha We are a bit crabby lately that’s for sure! I’m still hopeful for that age of Aquarius. Unless it’s passed already. .. Nice piece here bud.

    12.05.29 at 11.30

  2. Great post. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    12.05.29 at 02.38

    • thank you and i yours

      12.05.29 at 02.53

  3. Here here!

    12.05.28 at 23.48

    • bloody humans, eh

      12.05.29 at 01.17

  4. Brilliant!!!

    12.05.28 at 23.09

  5. I’ll bring the vegan marshmallows! ♥

    12.05.28 at 21.04

    • we will so need marshmallows ♥ yay you for thinking of that, i almost forgot

      12.05.29 at 01.27

      • *happy dancing*
        And chocolate! Mustn’t forget chocolate. ♥

        12.05.29 at 01.30

  6. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing

    12.05.28 at 21.01

    • the dinosaurs ruled for 160 million years and we’ve managed two – thanks jenni my love

      12.05.29 at 01.25

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