this is just beautiful

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

These messengers appear through the lines, curves, and negative spaces to do different things to me. These words your fingers type have become the vestiges of your heart for my eyes to behold and they affect me in all the right ways.

Some of your fingers have a feather soft touch and pull, flirting with the vixen within

Some of them draw pictures of ideas with thoughts I could have never imagined

Others beat a rhythm on my heart so softly, that my very soul stills to listen

Some fingers can so very gently guide my sight to forbidden lands allowing me to safely explore

Some slap my ass to attention- awakening a powerfully driven clarity of desire

Some of your fingers join together to hold my tears and my hand at the same time

Some fingers focus me with sarcasm and blunt honesty as they brush away the polite pretenses


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