9 responses

  1. I like it, but the pedant in me wishes you had remembered the apostrophe in ‘its’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    12.06.01 at 21.18

    • i never use it, and i think as long as you stick to the same set of rules, it’s ok – but, i too, am a pedant
      thank you

      12.06.01 at 23.33

  2. it’s an “obstacle illusion”

    12.06.01 at 16.19

    • how clever you are, and yes, it is just an illusion

      12.06.01 at 16.41

      • All obstacles are illusions…we must all learn to see beyond the boundaries. Oceans are nothing but big mud puddles for the young at heart to jump over!

        12.06.01 at 18.16

        • what a wonderful way to put it!

          12.06.01 at 19.34

  3. Love!

    12.06.01 at 13.53

    • thank you susan

      12.06.01 at 15.10

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