look out everybody – here comes the amazing cut and paste man

Christopher De Voss

Bitten by a radio active sea cucumber, our hero…

Bitten by a radio active porn star, our hero….

Bitten by a radio active radio, our hero….


Bitten by a radio active porn star carrying a sea cucumber and a radio, our hero sets out on an epic quest to find….


Cross Out Words Man was last seen with Bold Italic Girl and Links To Nothing Boy fighting the evil Underline Man and his trusty sidekick, The Purple Font….when suddenly, from out of nowhere aliens from the planet,

  • Bullet
  • Points

swoop down on Earth in a reign of lasers, and cool machine sounds all in rich Dolby(tm) stereo.

Humanity as we know it is in trouble.

  1. The Numbered List Agency, A
  2. Bipartisan group dealing with Super
  3. Heroes and Villains alike implores
  4. All of Earth’s mightiest to work
  5. Together to rid our planet of
  6. The evil Aliens!

All of Earth’s…

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3 responses

  1. Great find Kyle – you’re a Word Miner – you always find treasures. Thanks I loved that post, it was genius. Jayne

    12.06.07 at 16.26

  2. One very clever, very funny dude!

    12.06.07 at 16.01


    12.06.07 at 15.46

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