Even after all these years

She was as pretty as a dumpster full of sunsets and had breasts that I would have happily chewed my own elbows off, for nothing more than a glance at them unleashed, for nothing more than a description of them.

In bed she was a let down, she didn’t like all the squishy noises we made, refused to suck me off or let me come on her tits and wouldn’t kiss me after I went down on her.

After she had fallen asleep, I pulled back the covers and jacked-off to her magnificent tits. It was the 14th best wank I’d ever had.

We went out together for nearly a year. In the end she ran off with my best friend. Even after all these years, I still miss him.

15 responses

  1. Refused to suck you off…Kyle …what the hell were you thinking? I don’t care if she*snorts* was a dumpster full of sunsets!

    12.06.18 at 21.40

    • i learned my lesson darling

      12.06.19 at 06.03

  2. gypsy116

    a dumpster full of sunsets, love it 🙂

    12.06.18 at 19.49

  3. Great point 🙂

    12.06.18 at 17.04

    • thanks anette 😀

      12.06.18 at 17.22

  4. Fucking awesome. I an never tell, though, your truth from fiction, which means it’s great fiction!

    12.06.18 at 12.44

    • praise indeed hyacinth, thank you

      12.06.18 at 13.21

  5. The end made me laugh!

    12.06.18 at 12.36

    • good – that’s what i wanted

      12.06.18 at 12.43

  6. Laughing out loud. Another good one!!!

    12.06.18 at 09.19

    • thanks sweetie

      12.06.18 at 10.07

  7. You had me laughing!

    12.06.18 at 08.32

  8. You got me with the last line!

    12.06.18 at 08.18


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