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Tell me what you want to read and I will oblige…


41 responses

  1. I just love a good army tale…

    12.07.22 at 18.19

    • i am gonna do more of those anyway – have you read the ones i did? they are under ‘series’ / ‘cuddles’ in the menu

      12.07.22 at 18.34

      • ahh missed that section… just finished one, quite fucked-up stories mate but I still want more so what’s wrong with me then one might ask… 🙂

        12.07.22 at 18.40

        • we’re all fucked up – and all like a fucked up story, if we’re honest – cheers 😆

          12.07.22 at 18.44

  2. PAZ

    Damn, my vote got the least amount. Waaaaah… 🙂

    12.07.18 at 00.47

    • would that have been sex outside? i was hoping it’d get more votes too 😀

      12.07.18 at 06.08

      • PAZ

        Nope. It was war stories! 🙂 I hate war.

        12.07.18 at 09.45

        • oh, ok, lol. i’m gonna do more of those anyway – thanks for voting, i hope you like the resulting story anyway – looks like its gonna be bdsm or mmf, maybe i’ll combine the two 😉

          12.07.18 at 09.49

          • PAZ

            My second vote would’ve been ffm. 😉

            12.07.18 at 12.40

  3. ooooh, how fun is this! a kylemew request line! got my vote!

    12.07.17 at 10.26

  4. eroticexploration

    Very hard choices indeed Kyle! You should have forced us to choose only one, as we all want them all I’m sure 🙂

    12.07.17 at 08.24

  5. TemptingSweets99

    I want to read all of the above. 😀

    12.07.16 at 18.41

    • combined into one, or as separate tales?

      12.07.16 at 18.47

      • TemptingSweets99

        Both! 😀

        12.07.16 at 18.49

        • of course, silly of me not to think of that – which one do you want to read first?

          12.07.16 at 18.51

        • TemptingSweets99

          P.S. I admit. I can be a little greedy. A little. 😉

          12.07.16 at 18.51

          • greedy is good

            12.07.16 at 18.52

            • TemptingSweets99

              More, please. 🙂

              12.07.16 at 18.56

  6. I’ve already given idea before 😀 , but I still voted for BDSM. 🙂

    12.07.16 at 16.10

    • and i am still going to write that one for you – thanks for voting tho

      12.07.16 at 16.11

  7. I chose an army sex tale !!!! Got any?

    12.07.16 at 15.24

    • actually i do jayne, you mean gay army sex?

      12.07.16 at 15.25

      • you know Kyle, whatever you’ve got will do it for me. I’m tingling already! My mind was only thinking of sex with someone you weren’t supposed to fraternize with – an officer’s wife, a civilian but a fellow soldier fits that too! whatever inspires you most of all your followers’ suggestions.

        12.07.16 at 15.34

  8. I had a hard time not choosing all of them.

    12.07.16 at 12.46

    • that would have been fine, but not much use lol – thanks for your vote 🙂

      12.07.16 at 12.49

  9. Kyle–how about all of the above?

    12.07.16 at 12.44

    • its multiple choice you could have clicked them all lol – thanks for your answer

      12.07.16 at 12.48

      • I clicked other and put in all of the above 🙂

        12.07.16 at 12.59

        • haha – so that was you – thought it might be 😉

          12.07.16 at 13.00

          • Yup–should be doable except for somehow combining the threesomes into a sixsome 🙂

            12.07.16 at 13.01

            • unless they happened at separate times, but to (more or less) the same people 😆

              12.07.16 at 13.02

  10. Interesting. MMF is popular, hmmm… And, no ‘love story’ votes as of yet!

    12.07.16 at 12.03

    • i know – maybe i’ll do an mmf love story

      12.07.16 at 12.06

      • Now you’re talking! If anyone can integrate the concepts, that would be you sir.

        12.07.16 at 12.15

  11. workspousestory

    ugh shouldn’t have asked… couldn’t decide and went for half of it 😉 sorry I just need all of them soooo much!

    12.07.16 at 11.44

    • i know you, its the poem about flowers you want so much 😉

      12.07.16 at 12.05

      • workspousestory

        I would’ve if you didn’t change to multiple choice, just to tick you off!

        12.07.16 at 12.06

        • lol – i would write the most pornographic poem about flowers that my warped little mind could conjure up hehe

          12.07.16 at 12.08

          • workspousestory

            That would be a true test of your imagination! Though images spring to my mind… there’s an interesting, if slightly twisted potential with flowers such as a thorned rose or bird-of-paradise… hmm…

            12.07.16 at 12.11

            • you’re giving me ideas now india – perhaps i will anyway 😉

              12.07.16 at 12.13

              • workspousestory

                Thrilled to be your inspiration, Kyle…

                12.07.16 at 12.14

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