There are just some people, who, without really possessing any amazing qualities, are nevertheless, amazing. Usually this is because they think they are, when they are not. Perhaps this immense sense of self denial, is what actually makes them amazing.
I just had a brief conversation with a woman I met coming back from the store, who was such a creature. We bumped into each other because I was not really looking where I was going, my mind on other things, and this resulted in the very English tradition of us both apologising repeatedly to each other. Why was she amazing? Because despite being older even than I am and having let her body go, to chips and KFC many decades ago, and looking like a poorly strung up sausage, she was dressed as though she were Beyonce. Fish-nets, mini-skirt and so much cleavage on display, that if i were to attempt to bare that much flesh, I would have to strip naked, and probably twice.
For the moment of conversation we shared, I got the impression that she was a thoroughly nice old girl. Not bright, but friendly and open and nice, and as she waddled off in front of me, shovelling chips into her mouth, between gulps of White Ass Cider, I wondered and marvelled at human nature and our ability to delude ourselves.
Then I thought about myself: 50, still with a mohawk and sporting bright camo-pants and wondered how ridiculous I must look. I was too scared to actually answer the question but then two 20 something hotties walked past me and giggled. So I got my answer anyway.
I arrived home with the feeling that we can all be amazing, if we are only brave and stupid enough to try.

17 responses

  1. Love it, especially the last line.

    13.08.23 at 20.54

    • i hoped you would like that the best – thank you

      13.08.23 at 21.00

  2. Love this!

    13.08.22 at 07.41

    • thank you so much

      13.08.22 at 08.03

  3. snarkysnatch

    I have missed you sugar rod. Still amazing I see. Gracious words you share. Hugs.

    13.08.20 at 10.03

    • missed you too honey tits – thank you – so good to have you back

      13.08.20 at 10.24

  4. see how bright You are πŸ™‚ xx

    13.08.16 at 12.26

  5. pazapaula

    You amaze me… Ok. Now let’s get back to talking about my amazing self. πŸ˜‰

    13.08.14 at 21.46

    • hehe – always πŸ™‚

      13.08.15 at 06.53

  6. We are all amazing, but some of us are more daring. πŸ™‚

    13.08.14 at 17.57

  7. yup…amazing πŸ™‚

    13.08.14 at 15.28

    • people always amaze me πŸ˜†

      13.08.14 at 17.42

  8. πŸ™‚

    13.08.14 at 14.41

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