Pictures of my dick


Did you really think I would?


I just wanted to see how many people clicked that link

Ok, if I get enough requests in the comments section I may consider it.

150 responses

  1. Teasebag

    13.01.04 at 10.27

    • i know πŸ™‚

      13.01.05 at 07.47

      • You are ever so naughty Kyle hehe

        13.01.05 at 10.45

  2. I will if you will.

    12.10.08 at 00.26

    • we have a deal trent

      12.10.08 at 08.46

  3. geminisub

    That made me smile! πŸ™‚

    12.10.05 at 04.56

    • glad to hear it, thank you

      12.10.05 at 05.49

  4. Oh, no fair! 😦

    12.08.31 at 14.27

    • sorry to disappoint

      12.08.31 at 16.35

      • Well, having an obscenely high libido, I’ve grown accustomed to living in a perpetual state of sexual frustration. Alas, I shall survive… even if it is in a woefully deprived (or depraved) state.

        12.08.31 at 20.24

        • well, i’ll let you decide which πŸ˜‰

          12.08.31 at 20.29

  5. eroticexploration

    Ah Kyle, you’re loving all the attention… but you do realise that you are EVENTUALLY going to have to deliver the goods, right?!

    12.08.30 at 09.06

    • both of these things are true – i guess i better check out the zoom function on my camera πŸ˜‰

      12.08.30 at 10.22

      • eroticexploration

        Yeah yeah whatever, we’ve heard it all before… πŸ˜‰

        12.08.30 at 10.23

        • haha – that’s a very clever way of goading me into it – okay… you win honey

          12.08.30 at 10.27

  6. I have been fooled!

    12.08.29 at 15.27

    • well, i promised if the comment count grew beyond 100, i’d relent – so i guess i better…

      12.08.30 at 07.45

      • haha, you can still be cheeky and half the comments as you’ve replied to most of them πŸ˜›

        12.08.30 at 08.17

        • good thinking grace – 200 it is then…

          12.08.30 at 08.19

          • wait, why did I say that?
            Think before you type has never been more applicable 😦

            12.08.30 at 08.21

            • i thought it was a strange thing to say
              i’ll settle for 150 then πŸ˜‰

              12.08.30 at 08.30

              • Compromise πŸ˜› I’ll keep a look out πŸ˜›

                12.08.30 at 13.40

                • guess i better not reply to that then, or i’ll just edge myself closer lol

                  12.08.30 at 13.50

                  • This was clearly my plan all along, mwahaha πŸ˜›

                    12.08.30 at 15.19

                    • well, don’t expect me to reply any more

                      12.08.30 at 15.35

                    • i’m not daft

                      12.08.30 at 15.35

                    • that’s not very neighbourly xD

                      12.08.30 at 15.37

                    • you’re probably right – ok, i will then

                      12.08.30 at 15.38

                    • but then again, maybe not πŸ˜‰

                      12.08.30 at 15.45

  7. where THE FUCK IS IT THEN????????

    12.08.21 at 12.19

    • coming soon πŸ˜‰

      12.08.27 at 15.32

      • Fax it…….you really cool.

        12.08.27 at 19.24

        • thank you – i tried, but it hurt when i stuck it in the fax machine

          12.08.28 at 14.25

          • I can only imagine the pain……..

            12.08.28 at 19.40

            • and i’m sure you have a great imagination…

              you’re not gonna let me get away with this are you?

              12.08.28 at 19.51

              • Not really I find you intriguing, the way you write is very vulgar and not moral correct, I like that, very fresh,out spoke free…

                You cool.

                12.08.28 at 23.38

                • thank you – it is kinda liberating, you should give it a go

                  you cool too

                  12.08.29 at 06.45

                  • I will with time, it takes a lot of balls to be that brave.

                    I like you work……really I do. You bad and my girlfriend thinks the same….

                    12.08.29 at 13.21

                    • good to hear you think so – who would that be then?
                      see? no need for me to post pics of my dick, after all?

                      12.08.29 at 13.55

                    • Shit, in was hoping you will though, it would hurtbto have the pics and save them for a raining day…..

                      12.08.29 at 15.13

                    • well, as you asked so nicely, i’ll seriously consider it πŸ˜‰

                      12.08.30 at 08.16

                    • Really……, send send send…haba haba….mhhhhh

                      12.08.30 at 08.42

  8. You said you needed 100 comments, well I’m the 105th one so start uploading pal πŸ˜€

    12.08.10 at 01.55

    • haha – i’ve been busted πŸ˜‰

      12.08.10 at 04.48

  9. Well…. I was kinda hoping….. Giggle.

    12.06.29 at 15.25

    • hey – if it gets to 100 comments, i’ll consider it giggle

      12.06.30 at 05.29

      • Hahahahaa. Want me to keep commenting??? How many more do we have to go?

        12.06.30 at 08.47

        • hahaha you can’t just keep commenting – that’s cheating – although, if your comments are suggestive enough, i might just give in

          12.06.30 at 09.06

          • Hahahahaha. You never know, they may be very, um, good.

            12.06.30 at 09.11

    • damn! that’s a hundred comments – guess i better get my camera ready – you will all be terribly disappointed i am afraid as my penis is barely worth a mention

      12.06.30 at 12.57

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  11. The Quiet Borderline

    88th comment right here! I think that’s plenty lol.

    12.06.02 at 10.57

    • you might be right lol

      12.06.02 at 11.25

      • The Quiet Borderline


        12.06.02 at 11.37

        • i’ll think about it

          12.06.02 at 12.54

    • ok then – but only if it gets to 100 – and i’m not adding any more – and you can’t just add 8 – ok? πŸ˜‰

      12.06.05 at 11.51

      • The Quiet Borderline

        Deal lol

        12.06.05 at 11.52

  12. milfee

    You tricked me!!

    12.05.24 at 23.31

    • or did i trick you? you really want a pic of my dick? i don’t think so hehehe

      12.05.24 at 23.33

    • maybe if you ask real nice

      12.06.05 at 11.51

  13. Are 84 comments enough??

    12.05.18 at 20.41

    • i guess they must be – ok you guys win

      12.05.18 at 20.55

  14. TemptingSweets99

    LOL! Funny!

    12.05.16 at 20.44

    • thank you sweets

      12.05.16 at 20.45

  15. That’s just MEAN! :0 Doesn’t take much to get THIS crowd going does it?? LOL

    12.05.14 at 15.42

    • aw rhonda you make me feel bad now for playing such a mean trick – seriously tho my cock is tiny and narrow and bent and utterly useless, you really wouldn’t want to see it lol

      12.05.14 at 16.29

      • lol…now I feel bad for YOU! πŸ˜‰

        12.05.14 at 16.36

  16. Of course I’d click on it. After all, if it was small I’d have a good laugh. If it was huge I’d show it to some of my friends and we’d all have a good laugh. And since it’s not here then it’s still worth a good laugh. I enjoy your humor. πŸ™‚

    12.05.10 at 23.27

    • its a win/win/win situation

      12.05.10 at 23.44

  17. eroticexploration

    SUCH a tease!!!

    12.05.04 at 21.54

    • aw, now i feel bad.
      hey, just for you then, here is a pic of my dick, in all its throbbing glory:

      12.05.04 at 21.58

      • eroticexploration

        Oi, you could have at least drawn me a new one, not given me the 5th-hand-copy you’ve already handed as a consolation prize to almost every other female who has commented! Up your game Kyle, send me something more… or at least something that really is just for me!

        12.05.04 at 22.07

        • you are quite right, but my dick is so puny and small and twisted and bent, that i will require a camera with a more powerful zoom lens than the one i have now. count on it though, as soon as i do, you will be the very first to receive a pic of it.
          thank you for taking such an interest

          12.05.05 at 00.16

          • eroticexploration

            Hard to read your tone here. Ummm hope it’s just playful banter, as I intended… damn I feel out of my depth sometimes…

            12.05.05 at 00.19

            • hahaha – never take me seriously, ok?

              12.05.05 at 00.27

              • eroticexploration

                Okay, it’s a deal!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                12.05.05 at 00.28

                • except when i say don’t take me seriously

                  12.05.05 at 00.46

                  • eroticexploration

                    Obviously πŸ˜‰

                    12.05.05 at 00.54

          • Maybe it would be bigger if you got someone OTHER than your elderly lady neighbour to take the photo?

            12.05.05 at 00.25

            • awww, but she’s so hot

              12.05.05 at 00.28

  18. I think this is false advertising! You have just wasted 3 seconds of my life!!

    12.05.03 at 00.37

    • i’m so sorry for my little joke – you are quite right, it was a jip – so just for you, here is a picture of my dick:

      12.05.03 at 00.57

  19. Oh damn!

    12.04.27 at 02.59

  20. junelikethemonth

    Ooooh, I love when you tease me kyle…mmmmmmm

    12.04.25 at 04.06

    • good because i intend to do it a lot more lol

      12.04.25 at 10.15

  21. i just wondered if it would really be a picture of your dick, or just your elderly neighbour’s finger over the lens….

    12.04.24 at 06.07

    • haha that one was my favourite

      12.04.24 at 16.46

  22. ALSO – The best part was seeing “COMMENTS CLOSED” at the bottom of the post – You’re cleverly hysterical!

    12.04.24 at 03.56

  23. I couldn’t think about it when I first read the post. We haven’t even had a drink together! I calmed down and curiosity made me see if you really would do that. I would have clicked right away if it was 3D though! I love that your elderly neighbor fluffed you and took the picture! That was a hilarious visual all by itself.

    12.04.24 at 03.52

    • i’m glad it made you smile
      so just for you jayne:

      12.04.24 at 16.47

      • I’m transfixed – IT VIBRATES?!! You buried the lead!

        12.04.24 at 16.53

  24. gypsy116

    lol, beautiful πŸ™‚

    12.04.24 at 00.08

  25. gypsy116

    lol, of course we clicked, had to see if you actually did, or if not what would be behind the click πŸ™‚

    12.04.24 at 00.05

  26. Of course I clicked! By the way, you’ve been tagged! I know how you love being tagged!

    12.04.23 at 23.11

    • hahaha – you know i hate being tagged and will not pass this on but i will answer the question posed – thank you

      12.04.23 at 23.13

      • Spoil sport! Now you must post pictures of your dick instead! ;D

        12.04.23 at 23.17

  27. haha, caught in the act. all of us.

    12.04.23 at 20.59

    • sorry for playing such a mean trick but thank you for saying *big grin*

      12.04.23 at 21.11

  28. Great joke πŸ˜‰ I multiplike.

    12.04.23 at 17.09

    • oh! and anther great word ‘multiplike’ i will have to steal it, i’m afraid

      12.04.23 at 17.13

      • Kyle. Multiplike is ( protected way up is.. where the sun never shine okay. Besides, it’s gonna be the name of OUR widget/app you remember? Or were you to busy under the desk 😎

        12.04.23 at 17.49

        • too busy under the desk – too long under the desk

          12.04.23 at 17.58

          • Ha ha. Thought so. Thanks for the reblogging. AGAIN!!! You’re such a darling. But you know that. I added you to my blogroll under the name “Kyle Mew – Mature British Cat”. It’s in my footer πŸ™‚

            12.04.23 at 18.08

            • i saw – i liked – i lapped up milk and purred

              12.04.23 at 18.09

              • Okay I’ll stop cluttering up your inbox. From now on.

                12.04.23 at 18.14

                • please never stop cluttering up my inbox – it smells so sweet when you are here

                  12.04.23 at 18.35

  29. Fuck YEAH I clicked the link!! I love me some cock…and was sadly disappointed. Pleeeeeease post a picture?

    12.04.23 at 16.55

    • well seeing as its you, okay
      and seeing as you asked so nicely, i’ve made it a cum shot

      12.04.23 at 17.07

  30. Sheena

    le sigh….

    12.04.23 at 16.30

    • well if you’re gonna ask nice like that…

      12.04.23 at 16.32

      • Sheena

        πŸ™‚ I knew it was a trick but curiosity got me. I thought yesterday about what I would do if I woke in someone else’s body…I would get naked first. I know this.

        12.04.23 at 16.33

        • the last time i was in someone else’s body, i was naked…
          oh! i see what you mean

          12.04.23 at 16.35

    • just for you then:

      12.04.23 at 17.14

      • Sheena

        You make my heart happy πŸ™‚

        12.04.23 at 17.19

        • and that is really my purpose in life πŸ˜€

          12.04.23 at 17.20

  31. hahahahah sue me for being curious.

    12.04.23 at 16.20

    • ha! gotya – hush, but this page has had more hits today than all the others put together

      12.04.23 at 16.21

      • lmao I was guessing it would… humans are damn curious creatures by nature… we just can’t help ourselves.

        12.04.23 at 16.22

  32. Well I really should see, considering what Miss Bird wants me to write. You will laugh. I promise.

    ; )

    12.04.23 at 15.36

    • i guess you should then. hahaha.
      i can’t wait to read that – promise me you won’t be too kind πŸ˜‰

      12.04.23 at 16.09

      • Oh, I see what I can whip up. A little heroism, a little lust, with a dash of humor and tragedy?

        12.04.23 at 16.12

        • we will be a match made in heaven

          12.04.23 at 16.13

  33. You know I’m only here for the cock. πŸ˜‰

    12.04.23 at 15.06

    • aww, now i’m feeling guilty for not posting a picture

      12.04.23 at 15.11

  34. tease

    12.04.23 at 15.00

  35. Tease…now where is it : p

    12.04.23 at 13.43

    • i tried but the computer said the file was too big πŸ˜‰

      12.04.23 at 14.20

      • I’m not laughing Kyle

        12.04.23 at 14.31

        • Hahaha…okay…okay I am!!!

          12.04.23 at 14.32

          • And why are Pete and I the only’s that clicked to see your one eyed monster!

            12.04.23 at 14.36

            • you’re not, you’re the only ones with the balls to comment

              12.04.23 at 14.38

          • haha, you shouldn’t have said that, i was just gonna post a pic

            12.04.23 at 14.47

            • : ( where’s the crying smiley when ya need ’em

              12.04.23 at 18.31

              • aww – ok… here you go honey

                12.04.23 at 18.33

  36. You WANT to. πŸ™‚

    12.04.23 at 11.47

    • you got me there bud πŸ˜€

      12.04.23 at 11.52

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